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We can diagnose and Repair your solar for you.

No matter what system you have and whoever installed it, we can help you bring your system back to life and make it work like new. We provide top-notch professional solar repairs. We can repair almost any type of damage or malfunction in solar power systems, getting your system back to maximum operational performance as soon as possible.

One Solar Repairs
One Solar Repairs - Professional


Our repair technician is CEC-accredited and insured, giving you greater confidence in our solar system repairs. You can rest assured that you have professionals looking over your system and providing the right solutions for its repair and maintenance.

One Solar Repairs - Experienced


We have encountered and fixed practically every type of issue that can happen to solar power systems. We can identify problems in your system quickly (even the ones that you can’t see) so they can be fixed before they cause any more trouble.

One Solar Repairs - Local

Local Expertise

We will know what issues your solar system may be facing in your local area. This expertise will help us determine the right and most effective solutions for your system as well as provide preventive measures for the future.

What We Can Repair

Whatever issues your solar power system is facing, you can trust One Solar Australia to diagnose it and repair it for you. Some of the most common problems that we fix for clients include:

  • Smashed panels. Whether it’s caused by a falling branch or a bad hailstorm, we can determine the full extent of damage in your panels and provide the necessary solar system repairs or replacements. We can even provide detailed reports for your building insurance, minimising your costs and expenses. 

  • Microcracks. These are small tear or fractures on solar panels often unnoticeable. Although they don’t immediately cause operational failures, they can get worse over time and affect the regular output of your system.

  • Hotspots. Hotspots are areas in your solar panels that are overloaded with too much voltage because of bad internal connections or natural defects in the solar cells. In the worst cases, hotspots can lead to short-circuits in your system that can reduce its output and longevity.

  • Inverter problems. Inverter issues are among the most common causes of malfunctions and underperformance in solar power systems. If you have problems with inverters in your system, we can diagnose it and make the necessary fixes to remedy it.

  • Normal wear and tear. Whether its corrosion in your panels or exposed wirings and circuits, our technicians can patch up your system so that it’ll look and work like new again.

  • Compliance issues. As CEC-accredited technicians, we can fix your solar power system and modify it to make sure it meets CEC regulations and guidelines.


Our Sure Solar 8-Point Service Check

To make sure that your system is safe and fully operational, we use a thorough 8-Point Service Check to assess the state and condition of your system. This comprehensive procedure will make sure that every part of your solar system works as it should.

  1. Panels check. Makes sure that your system’s panels and clamps are clean, functional and secure.

  2. Output check. Confirms that the actual KWh output of your system matches expected figures.

  3. Frame check. Ensures your system’s tilt kits and frames are functional and corrosion-free.

  4. Parts check. Checks all your systems plugs and sockets to make sure they’re functional and connected properly.

  5. Wiring check. Ensures all major wiring in your system complies with regulations and is free from corrosion or damage.

  6. Structural check. Checks the functionality and condition of your system’s junction boxes and roof penetrations.

  7. Switch and circuit break check. Ensures the functionality and polarity of these crucial system parts.

  8. Compliance check. Identifies any minor or major issues compliance issues and ways to address it.

One Solar Repairs

Professional Solar System Repairs and Maintenance

If your solar power system is broken, or if you notice that your solar power system is not generating as much power as it usually does, speak with one of our qualified technicians. We can check your system, find out what’s wrong with it and complete the necessary repairs to get it back up and running like new.

We offer solar repairs Brisbane wide and across South East Queensland to Central Queensland helping private and commercial clients ensure their solar power systems are working properly.