Virtual Power Plants, Batteries, & Off Grid Systems


To get the best solar feed-in rates for your excess power.

Once you have your solar installed you can start to save money with better buy prices and sell prices. Your One Solar consultant will walk you through alternatives to your energy provider. You may be eligible to participate with a Virtual Power Plant “VPP” and be part of a greener community, aggregate your power if you have battery and sell your excess power at a premium.

Certain providers offer up to 45 cents per kW, which is more than twice the going rate from other providers. With Peak Usage Rates as low as 19 cents per kW and a Supply Charge of just over 85 cents per kW, it equates to big savings.

Stop giving away money to the big providers and ask how you can save.

One Solar VPP


A virtual power plant turns on its head the traditional idea of relying on big, centralized power plants for predictable power. But what is it exactly? And who uses virtual power plants and why? A virtual power plant works remotely to combine several independent energy resources from disparate locations into a network that provides reliable power 24 hours a day.

Relatively new on the energy scene, the plants employ software-based technology that relies on the smart grid. They utilize planning, scheduling, and bidding of distributed energy resources (DER) to create the network that provides this reliable power.